Now that Springtime is fast approaching, you may find yourself going outdoors more often to enjoy the sunshine. You’ll want a beautiful smile to match the brightening days. If catching that new smile is your goal, La Vita Dental Centre can help you right at Kitsilano. Through our award winning cosmetic dentists, we can help you achieve that bright new smile that you have been wanting. In terms of cosmetics, here are several methods we can use to spruce up that smile of yours.

Bonding. By using certain tooth-colored material, we can fill in the the gaps in your teeth or alter their color. The best part of bonding is that it only requires a single visit and can last for for several years.

Invisalign. This method involves the usage of transparent aligners on your teeth that treats spacing, crowding, and overlapping teeth.

Whitening. If you’ve got some discoloration in your teeth, we can provide your teeth the whitening solution it requires to brighten up your smile.

Veneers.  By usage of thin laminates bonded to your teeth, we can enhance the shape of your teeth and improve its color.

A great smile is an essential asset to the look that you portray to others. But it is not only for the benefit of others. Having a great smile can improve your self-confidence and increase self-esteem. In addition, having a great smile is contagious. When you find yourself smiling, you may also be granting someone else a reason to smile too.

Book an appointment with La Vita Dental Centre today in Kitsilano and consult with our award winning cosmetic dentists to see which solution fits you and your smile the best.