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Dental Services in Kitsilano Vancouver

Dental treatments at La Vita Dental Centre are intended to be warm, comforting experiences done with the latest in dental systems, technologies, and techniques. Your dentists in Kitsilano at la vita dental centre offer Invisalign Invisible Aligners, Snap-on Smiles, digital x-rays, CEREC one-visit crowns, Waterlase dental laser, smile makeover preview software and more. All with your whole health, and happiness in mind. Experience dentistry from a compassionate place and feel the la vita dental centre difference.

General Dentistry in Kitsilano Offered by La Vita Dental Centre

La Vita Dental Centre offers general dentistry services to patients in the Kitsilano area. Whether you are coming in for a routine cleaning, a filling, or a more complex procedure – the La Vita team knows exactly what you need. We aim to educate our patients on all available treatments before they commit to a procedure at La Vita Dental Centre. If you require dental treatment, we will review all of your options, available alternatives, payments plans and address your questions and concerns. We believe that a well-informed patient is a happy, relaxed patient.

Preventative Dentistry in Kitsilano Offered by La Vita Dental Centre

Periodontal Services at La Vita Dental Centre can help keep your smile sparkling and happy. Proper oral health care is essential for your oral and overall health. Studies have shown that poor oral health care has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. Infected teeth allow for bacteria to enter the bloodstream and may cause a whole host of issues. Plaque build-up on your teeth can cause painful gum disease and may actually cause tooth loss if left untreated and a whole host of dental problems. Periodontal services offered at La Vita Dental Centre, your Kits dentist, include scaling and a thorough cleaning of the gums and teeth to remove excess plaque and keep your smile healthy. Gum disease caused by plaque build-up is the number one cause for tooth loss in adults. Avoid losing your teeth to a preventable disease and reserve your periodontal appointment at your Kits Dentist, La Vita Dental Centre, for a smile that’s clean and happy.

Scaling & Root Planing

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, as the third molars are commonly called, may sometimes become impacted and unable to erupt through the gumline. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected or affect the growth and position of surrounding teeth, potentially damaging your bite. Wisdom teeth may be removed under local or general anaesthesia and the healing process can take up to a week. Wisdom tooth extractions may be necessary to prevent a current problem or problems in the future such as crowded back teeth, cysts, unerupted wisdom teeth or partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

If the nerve of your tooth becomes infected or abscessed, it may be possible to keep your tooth instead of replacing it with a dental implant or a bridge. Abscessed teeth can be excruciatingly painful and may cause serious health problems so if you have a toothache, please contact our Kits dental clinic as soon as possible. Root Canal Therapy removes the infected pulp/nerve of your tooth and replaces it with a strong, durable filling. A crown may be necessary on back teeth and if a tooth does not have enough structure left to support the filling, posts may be required to reinforce the tooth. Root Canal Therapy is typically done in 1 or 2 appointments.

Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guard can help protect your teeth and gums from the dangers of contact and non-contact sports. Be a true winner and protect your smile with a sports mouth guard when playing a sport or just keeping active. The majority of injuries in sports are dental injuries – injuries that a sports mouth guard can help prevent. Sports mouth guards absorb shock and keep your teeth from clenching, grinding or – in the case of a fall – knocking together and potentially cracking, chipping or splitting. Store-bought mouth guards are not customised for your smile and can’t offer you the protection a custom sports mouth guard created at your Kits dentist La Vita Dental Centre does. Your smile is worth protecting so contact our Kits dental clinic and reserve your appointment today for a winning smile.

Understanding Tooth Wear

Benefits of a Custom Underarmour Guard
At La Vita Dental Centre, we are proud to offer custom UnderArmour mouth guards.


  • Made for full-contact sports like football, lacrosse, and wrestling
  • Form-fitting EVA polymer and patented ArchFit System for custom-feel fit and comfort
  • Patented ArmourBite® Power Wedges™ re-position and re-align jaw to boost performance when you grit your teeth
  • Reduces G-force impact to the jaw by 20% to protect your teeth
  • Increases airflow to improve your strength, endurance, and reaction time
  • Interchangeable ArmourPlate™ insert protects front teeth
  • Patented anti-microbulent secretes to help prevent the growth of germs
  • Includes mouthguard strap for easy, secure attachment to helmet
  • Dental warranty of $32,000—we put our money where your mouth is
  • Scientifically proven in independent, peer-reviewed studies so you can buy with confidence
  • Includes fitting tool for easy, customizable fit
Mouth Guards for Sleep Apnea and TMJ/TMD
Excessive Snoring May Be a Sign of Sleep Apnea

If you or a loved one tends to snore excessively, it may be a sign of sleep apnea, a breathing condition that affects not just your sleep but your overall health as well. Sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles relax too much and restrict breathing during sleep. In fact, during an episode, patients actually cease breathing – which can be dangerous and, in some extreme cases, lethal. Sleep apnea is characterised not just by excessive snoring but also by daytime sleepiness, a slower reaction time and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms or if you suspect you have sleep apnea, don’t sleep on it and contact La Vita Dental Centre, your Kits dentist, as soon as possible, and reserve your appointment.

TMJ/TMD Treatment to Make You Smile Again

TMJ/TMD Treatment can help relieve the pain caused by issues with your jaw alignment. TMJ/TMD is short for Temporamandibular Joint Disorder and refers to the improper position and bite of your jaw that can cause headaches, a sore jaw, locking or clicking noises in your jaw and damage to your teeth. TMJ/TMD may also be responsible for any jaw pain, gum pain, neck and back pain, or tooth pain. TMJ/TMD is normally caused by a malocclusion, which is another word for a bad bite such as an overbite, underbite or crossbite. A malocclusion puts a lot of strain on your bite and teeth and can result in excruciating pain from too much pressure on your jaws and gums. If you’re experiencing pain in any of the areas above or if you suspect you have TMJ/TMD, please contact our Kits dental clinic and we will discuss the best TMJ/TMD treatment options with you and help you get free of the pain caused by TMJ/TMD.


Laser Dentistry in Kitsilano

The Latest Laser Technology

Recent advancements in laser dentistry has made it possible for patients to undergo dental treatments without anaesthetic or with just a mild dose of anaesthetic. Waterlase laser dentistry offered at La Vita Dental Centre, your Kits dentist, offers you a quicker, easier and relatively pain-free dentistry solution. It is safe, comfortable and offers you comprehensive oral health care. Waterlase dentistry generally doesn’t cause tissue to bleed, encourages rapid healing of tissues and doesn’t require any stitches.

What Can Waterlase Laser Dentistry Do for Me?

Using a powerful, controlled laser combined with a gentle spray of water, Waterlaser dentistry treatments at La Vita Dental Centre can


  • Contour and reshape your gums if you have have a ‘gummy’ smile or a smile that shows too much gum, giving you a picture-perfect smile.
  • Remove excess tissue such as abnormal growths or skin tags, excessive tissue that can flap over a tooth that hasn’t yet erupted.
  • Deep clean your gums for excellent oral health care.
  • Prevent or halt receding gums
  • Fix restrictive tongue movement
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Prevent gum disease
  • Remove cold sores
  • Stimulate gum tissue growth
  • Prepare tooth for cavity removal and sealant application
  • Remove cavities

Oral Sedation in Kitsilano

We offer conscious oral sedation at our clinic. Ask us for more details!

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