La Vita Dental Centre – Cosmetic Dentistry Vancouver

the secret

We are all in on the secret. Kitsilano is not like other neighbourhoods. No one accidentally ends up here. You chose to be here. You chose to be walking distance to the beach, a stroll from the boutique shops, one corner away from your morning work-out studio and steps from your favourite eatery. Isn’t it time your dentist match your lifestyle.

Welcome to the life. Welcome to La Vita Dental Centre. 

the spark

Kits life is all about prioritizing things that matter the most to you. Whether it’s co-op’ing a car or conquering that hike you just saw in your feed, in Kits, it’s all within reach.  Which is why La Vita Dental Centre understands that your oral health is more than just an appointment. We understand that YOUR smile is the spark on a first date or the warm comforting feeling when you laugh with old friends over drinks. These moments matter. | Find out how we can help

the sanctuary

It happens when you slip on your headphones and listen to the track that you can’t stop singing. It happens when you smell the coffee beans roasted just right. It even happens when you find the perfect berries at the local market . Can you believe it happens when you sit in our chairs? Pure Comfort. | See what people say