2016 has given us many things; from viral videos and celebrity feuds, to weird makeup trends and even weirder Snapchat filters – but what happens when you’re using those filters to cover up? #sigh

Living in a world obsessed with technology, it can be difficult for those of us feeling less than confident about our mouths when almost every aspect of our lives will be documented on the internet at some point throughout the day.


Your insides do a somersault at the mere thought, and you follow up with an ‘I’m trying to smile but somehow it’s a grimace’ sort of expression across your face and immediately want the photo de-tagged and deleted. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, La Vita has your back (and your smile) covered!

If you have ever felt that pang of self-consciousness whenever a camera appears, you’ve probably considered getting braces – and then reconsidered it because now you have something else to feel conscious of… but let us stop you right there because there is a way to get your dream smile without braces.

Introducing Invisalign. The functionality of Invisalign is essentially exactly the same as braces. Straighter, stronger teeth? You got it. We know you do, and so do you – but that doesn’t mean other people need to know. Invisalign gives you all the  benefits of braces, without any of the visual implications that you may be put off by.

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces and a service we’re thrilled to provide. La Vita live to make you happy, and we can’t wait to see you smile again.

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