Here at La Vita Dental Centre, we love to see you smile – and not just so we can check your teeth!

…but what happens when you don’t feel confident enough to show your smile, no matter how you’re feeling inside?

We want to help.

Ever considered braces, and then reconsidered it because you’re worried over the lack of aesthetic appeal? Work life, dating, university – all these things can be a major turn off when thinking about the after effects of a mouth full of metal. All you really want is to correct the things you’re uncomfortable with, without having to feel uncomfortable in the process, right?

Introducing Invisalign. The functionality of Invisalign is essentially exactly the same as braces. Straighter, stronger teeth? You got it. We know you do, and so do you – but that doesn’t mean other people need to know. Invisalign gives you all the  benefits of braces, without any of the visual implications that you may be put off by.

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces and a service we’re thrilled to provide. Ready to make a change? Visit the best cosmetic dentist in Kitsilano (seriously, we’ve got awards and everything…).

We live to make you happy, and we can’t wait to see you smile again. Contact us today!