We’re finally here! If the snowstorms aren’t enough, the Christmas music and lines of shoppers on 4th mean Christmas is just around the corner. This time of year our schedules will be filled with eating, shopping, and wishing we were somewhere warmer. We can all agree that we’ll be eating well this month but we should exercise some restraint at the table — and karaoke machine 🙂  As Kitsilano’s Dentist, La Vita Dental Centre is here with some easy tips to keep your smile bright during the holidays.

Here’s something to chew on…seriously, here’s some chewing gum. While it obviously can help with your breath, chewing gum can clear any food or chewy sugary bits from decadent desserts that can cause problems for your teeth. Be sure to use gum that’s approved by the Dental Association of Canada. Chewing bubble gum can just add to the problem.

Brush up on good habits. It’s a good idea to take a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Again, it can help avoid embarrassing moments by removing any food particles from your teeth as well as freshen up your breath. More importantly, it will help fight tooth decay and gum disease as you spoil yourself with delicious meal after delicious meal. If you don’t know what toothbrush or toothpaste to get or have general questions about your oral health, give your Kitsilano dentist a shout or drop by when you’re in the neighbourhood.

It’s time to get cheesy. Pass the cheese platter because it can help prevent tooth decay as it helps balance the acidity of your mouth. But make sure to eat it in moderation because too much cheese is bad for your overall health.

Cranberries are great with turkey and dental health. They can help fight tooth decay and gum disease; but, everything in moderation. Cranberries are high in acidity and some recipes may be high in sugars.
Whatever your holiday plans are, La Vita dental is your Kitsilano dentist and we want to keep your smile shining bright. Contact La Vita Dental Centre today for more oral health tips or to schedule an appointment.