Are you feeling that cool, crisp air? The seasons are changing, but are you keeping up?

Change doesn’t have to be extravagant, difficult or time-consuming.


We know you’ve been running around all day.

You haven’t got the time to think about dental. But don’t you?

Here at La Vita Dental Centre, change is fun. Like us. We work quickly and efficiently to make sure you can get out of here before the next yoga session in Kits’ hottest studio. We say it over and over again because we mean it: We get it. Every moment counts. However, with a cup of coffee here, a meeting there, a sugar snack in-between, everyday wear and tear can build up. A simple teeth clean can be the difference between a “blah” day and “I LOVE everything” day, with your teeth screaming “YAY!” Whether it’s just a general checkup or teeth whitening tune-up, we’ll have you in-and-out: like the burger. What’s better? When you walk out of our doors, you’ll have everyone questioning their dental choices. Why? Because you’ll be radiating. That’s what we do. Smile on, people of Kits, smile on.


Come into La Vita Dental Centre, your favourite dental spa, and get refreshed.