smile first

As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Putting yourself out there when meeting someone new can be a daunting proposition. People spend countless hours before that first meet up fixing hair and choosing just the right outfit. The best ice breaker many times though is simply your smile. Whether you want whiter teeth or a full smile makeover we can help.

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restoring you

Everyone needs a recharge now and then. Some people hike out to the perfect camping spot while others schedule an early morning spin class. When you feel a little off, sometimes hitting the reset button is just what you need. Whether you hear your jaw click, have sleep problems, or have a cracked tooth, our restorative dentistry treatments can help you get your groove back.

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finding true

In this age of information, we are constantly being bombarded with recommendations on how we should live. From what we eat, to where we should go, and even how long we should be doing things. It’s hard enough for anyone to feel like they are making all the right calls, this only compounds if you are a parent. In the end all we are really looking for is authenticity. Work with a dental practice that is true to your needs.

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no hiding

You work hard, so you play hard. It’s not about defying age or trying to blend in with a younger crowd. What you understand is that Botox treatment is not about secretly hiding crows feet. It’s simply about feeling like yourself.  The real Kitsilano secret is that this treatment is available right from the comfort of our dental chairs.

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